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Nasal congestion often clears up on its own. But when the symptoms last longer than 10 days, you have a fever, or you struggle to breathe, it’s time to seek medical care. At Bayou ENT, Chris Gaffga, MD, and Jamie Guillot, APRN, offer compassionate care based on years of experience helping people of all ages with nasal congestion. They get to the cause of the problem and provide customized treatment that delivers quick relief. To schedule an appointment, call the office in New Iberia, Louisiana, or book online today.

Nasal Congestion Q & A

What causes nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion develops when swollen tissues and enlarged structures block airflow through your nasal passages. The most common causes include:


Rhinitis refers to inflammation of the mucus membranes that line your nose. The top causes of rhinitis include the common cold and seasonal allergies.


Sinusitis occurs when the tissues lining one or more sinuses become inflamed. The inflammation blocks the opening to the sinus and can cause nasal congestion.

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages. These growths typically develop from chronic inflammation, frequent infections, allergies, and certain immune disorders. If nasal polyps get too large, they cause nasal congestion.

Deviated septum

Your septum, the thin piece of cartilage separating your two nostrils, normally lies in the center of your nose. When the cartilage becomes crooked or gets pushed to one side, you have a deviated septum that can cause nasal congestion.

What other symptoms occur with nasal congestion?

You may only have nasal congestion, but many people also experience:

  • Runny nose
  • Thick nasal discharge
  • Itchy nose
  • Sneezing
  • Postnasal drip
  • Headache

If you have a sinus infection, you may develop a fever and feel facial pressure and pain.

How is nasal congestion treated?

Bayou ENT provides individualized treatment based on the cause of your nasal congestion. The common cold is a viral infection, so your provider recommends medications to ease your symptoms while the virus runs its course.

In most cases, Bayou ENT treats congestion with a saline spray, nasal or oral antihistamines, and anti-inflammatory steroids applied as a nasal spray.

When your symptoms suggest allergies, your provider does testing to identify your allergens. Then your treatment includes a plan to avoid your allergens, antihistamines, or allergy shots.

If you have a structural problem, such as polyps or a deviated septum, or chronic sinusitis, your Bayou ENT provider may recommend one of the following minimally invasive procedures:


Septoplasty is a procedure to straighten a deviated septum and restore airflow through your nose.


Your provider uses a narrow device called an endoscope to remove polyps. Since the endoscope goes through your nostril, a polypectomy doesn’t require incisions.

Balloon sinuplasty

When chronic sinusitis causes nasal congestion, your provider inserts a narrow balloon catheter into the sinus and inflates a balloon to open the blocked passage.

Don’t keep suffering from nasal congestion. Call Bayou ENT or schedule an appointment online today to get the relief you need.